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Cat Basic Training

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Banish all thoughts of training your cat as you would a dog. Although it’s feasible at the hands of a professional trainer, it isn’t very practical or affordable. You will want your cat to behave well, though, and you should be able to stop him from such undesirable practices as jumping up on the table to join you at mealtimes. Your coexistence will be a lot more pleasant and fun if the cat can be persuaded to come when he is called and to sharpen his claws on a scratching post instead of shredding the furniture.

Training Strategies
Since cats, unlike dogs, rarely do things merely to please their owners, you will need a feline-based system of positive reinforcement and possibly some form of aversion stimulus in order to achieve a change in your cat’s behavior. The best way to encourage a cat to continue a behavior is with an immediate food reward, whether a full meal or a tasty treat. If at the same time you say, “Good!” the cat will come to associate the word with a positive event, even when food isn’t forthcoming. Anything your cat loves will also work — a good scratch behind the ears or a play session with a favorite toy may work as well as a food treat.

Many cat owners try to discourage their cats from undesirable behavior with sprays of water from a plant mister, loud shakers or any startling sound such as a hand clap or a whistle. If your cat is jumping onto the counter and you stop him by spritzing him with water, in actuality you are reinforcing jumping off the counter when the real problem is jumping onto it. While spritzing and other such methods can often discourage unwanted problems temporarily, they may also cause additional problems. Some cats actually like getting sprayed and chased. They think it’s a game. For them, spritzing provides positive reinforcement for the undesirable behavior, which is then likely to increase. Other cats, particularly those that tend to be excitable, are threatened by such methods and become defensive, which can lead to serious aggression problems. Aversion methods that don’t frighten or excite the cat are much safer. Putting sticky two-sided tape on the counter, for example, should provide enough discomfort for most cats to decide that the surface isn’t a fun place to explore. And this method works whether you are there to witness the behavior or not. When you are present and see the unwanted behavior beginning, say, “No!” in a stern tone; your cat may, after a while, obey the vocal command alone. Never hit your cat. Injury can result and physical punishment won’t change his behavior. The cat will simply become afraid of you and the stress may provoke further misbehavior. Reward your cat when he performs a desired behavior in place of the undesired one. Such a payoff will usually clinch the deal.

Some household items may simply be just too tempting for your cat to stay away from. Put up physical barriers to areas and surfaces you want your cat to avoid. For instance, if your cat is always getting into the garbage, you may have to get a container with a heavier or tighter-fitting lid. If he opens and enters cupboards, install childproof latches. After a while, the cat will probably lose interest in these forbidden locations and avoid them of his own accord.

“Come” Command
One of the most basic things you can teach your cat is to respond to his own name. Say his name out loud whenever you greet or pet him, repeating it often as you do things together. To train your cat to come to you when called, start by saying his name as you put down the food bowl. Then, begin calling his name at mealtime before you do anything that makes a noise the cat might associate with food, such as opening the refrigerator, using a can opener, or scooping dry food into his bowl. When the cat appears, reward him immediately.

Wearing a Leash or Harness
With perseverance and patience, you may be able to get your cat to accept wearing a harness, either to go for walks or to run around safely in the yard. Admittedly this undertaking is a lot easier to do if you start while the cat is still a kitten. Approach the wearing of the harness gradually, with food rewards each step along the way. Start by leaving the harness out on the floor so your cat can smell and become acquainted with it. Once the harness is no longer perceived as dangerous or threatening, place it on the cat’s back without fastening it. It may help to distract the cat with a treat until he gets used to the feel of the harness. As the cat begins to accept the apparatus, fasten it for a short period of time, taking it off immediately when the cat seems perturbed. Gradually increase the length of time you leave the harness on and only once the cat seems to have forgotten that it is there, add the leash. Let the cat walk around dragging the leash, making sure it doesn’t get caught on anything. Then, hold the end of the leash so the cat becomes used to feeling pressure on it. The final step is to familiarize your cat with the exciting, and possibly frightening, sights and sounds of the outdoors. Start off in your backyard or in a quiet area close to home, holding the leash tightly in case the cat tries to bolt. Gradually increase the length of these exercises until your cat is comfortable.

Cat Door
Installing a cat door will give your feline access to the outdoors whenever he wishes. But getting your cat to use it may require some encouragement. A cat door may make no sense to your cat at first; having to push open the flap with his head can be off-putting. Hold the door open and tempt the cat through the door by offering a treat on the other side. Once the cat jumps in and out of the opening at will, gradually close the flap, continuing to reward each exit and entrance.

A Wife’s Duty

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A woman accompanied her husband to the doctor’s office. After his checkup , the doctor called the wife into his office alone. He told her, “Your husband is suffering from a very severe disease, combined with horrible stress . If you don’t do the following , your husband will surely die…Each morning, fix him a healthy breakfast. Be pleasant , and make sure he is in a good mood . For lunch make him a nutritious meal. For dinner prepare an especially nice meal for him. Don’t burden him with chores , as he probably had a hard day. Don’t discuss your problems with him, it will only make his stress worse . And most importantly, make love with your husband several times a week and satisfy his every whim . If you can do this for the next 10 months to a year, I think your husband will regain his health completely.”  On the way home, the husband asked his wife. “What did the doctor say?”  She replied, “You’re going to die”!


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  北京时间9月2消息,据国外媒体报道,针对谷歌将推“Google Chrome”浏览器挑战微软的报道,谷歌日前在官方博客中给予证实,称周二将在全球100多个国家推出该款产品。

  谷歌强调,Google Chrome尚处在测试版阶段,即将推出的版本也只适于Windows系统,但Mac和Linux版本将随即推出。

??? 消息人士称,谷歌之所以计划推出自己的浏览器,是因为担心微软IE8的新特性可能不利于其搜索业务,其中包括隐私权和更加以微软为中心的搜索栏等特性,前者可能令谷歌无法收集其广告有效性等相关信息。同时谷歌此举将令两者之间战争更加白热化。


  我们通过漫画形式提前发布了一款开源浏览器Google Chrome,相信大家已经通过博客渠道了解到该消息。周二,我们将在全球100多个国家推出Google Chrome测试版。

  为什么要开发Google Chrome呢?因为我们相信它能给用户带来更多价值,同时有利于推动Web创新。

  在谷歌,大量的工作都是通过浏览器进行的,搜索、聊天、收发邮件和协同开发等。在空闲时间,我们通过浏览器购物,登录网络银行,读新闻,与好友交流等。每天花费在浏览器上的时间如此之多,我们不得不考虑什么样的浏览器最适合当前的Web发展趋势。如今,网页已经从简单的文本页面发展到富媒体页面,这就需要我们重新设计网络浏览器。我们真正需要的不仅仅是一款浏览器,而是一个现代化的网页及应用平台。这就是我们开发Google Chrome的初衷。

  从外观即可看出,Google Chrome的设计简单、高效,是一款真正的Web浏览工具。与谷歌主页一样,Google Chrome的特点是简洁、快速。

  Google Chrome支持多标签浏览,每个标签页面都在独立的“沙箱”内运行,在提高安全性的同时,一个标签页面的崩溃也不会导致其他标签页面被关闭。Google Chrome基于更强大的JavaScript V8引擎,这是当前Web浏览器所无法实现的。

  当然,这只是一个开始,Google Chrome在很多方面还需要进一步完善。此次,我们即将推出的是Windows下的测试版本,供大家讨论,我们也希望能够得到用户的反馈。目前, Mac和Linux版本尚在开发之中,同样将秉承快速、高效的特点。

  Google Chrome是一款开源软件,借鉴了苹果的WebKit、Mozilla的Firefox及其他相关应用。同样,我们也将开放Google Chrome的全部源代码。我们期望与整个开源社区合作,共同推动Web创新。

  在当前Web市场,选择和创新越来越多,我们希望Google Chrome能成为一个新选择,推动Web服务更上一层楼。


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中新网9月2日电 美国《侨报》9月2日发表社论说,福田家族一向对华友好,他上任后即戮力修复曾遭到重创的中日关系,他的卸任必然会是刚刚走出低谷的中日关系的一大损失。而对于新的执政者来说,中日关系虽然是日本对外关系中的最重要环节,但左右日本国内政治方向的仍会是以经济牌为主。换言之,中国必须了解这个庞大经济机器的新任操作者,对中日关系可能出现的波动做好充分准备。












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General Defect – 通用电器缺陷
cord untied or irregularly tied:电线未绑或绑的不规则
exposed wires    金属线外露
brass wire in power cord exposed:电源线的铜丝外露
ground wire discontinuous:地线间断
burn down:烧坏
excessive noise:噪音过多
shock noise:振动有噪音
switch operated not smoothly:开关不顺
polarity reversed:极性接反
open circuited:开路
short circuited:短路
grounding continuity test failed:接地失败
Hi-pot test failed:高压失败
leakage current test failed:漏电
power supply dead:无电源
dielectric strength test failed:介质强度测试失败
“current or wattage out of specification”:电流/电压不合规格
live wire exposed:火线外露

General location – 电器通用缺陷位置    

AC-IN jack:交流输入口
DC-IN jack:直流输入口
socket cover:插座盖
plug  foot:插脚
polarized plug:极性插头
coupling plug:转化/耦合插头
flat blade plug:扁脚插头
function key:功能键
power LED indicator:电源电子指示灯
power cord:电源线
electrode plate:电极片
ON-Off switch:开关
remote control:遥控器

Lighting Fixture – 灯饰    

cold flow mark:冷塑痕迹(拉痕)
defective stamping:冲压不良
glass panel cut crooked:玻璃切割弯曲
glass panel out of square:玻璃不规则(歪斜不直)
gouge mark:凿痕
holes improperly drilled:孔眼钻的不对
insufficient plating:电镀不足
lamp stand tilted after assembled:安装后灯站立倾斜
machining mark:车痕
screw stripped:缺螺纹
poor porosity holes:疏松多孔
poor rolling edge:卷边不良
rough planting:镀层粗糙(镀前未抛光清洗)
seam mark exposed:少锡漏缝
spinning lines:旋压线
wrong finish:表面处理错误
“obvious shrinkage or deformation
on surface of plastic or metal parts”:”金属/塑料表面有明显缩水或变形”
grinding mark:磨痕
bulbs on holder poorly assembled:(灯座上)灯泡安装不良
plug rusted:插头生锈
figures poorly shaped:成形不佳
incorrect sequence of color:彩灯顺序不对
scratch on color bulbs:彩灯刮花
bulb can on light up:灯泡不亮
flash light no function:闪光灯无功能
abnormal noise in music box:音乐盒内有异常噪音
wrong music melody:音乐曲调不对
live and neutral wires short in circuit:火线和中线短路
bulbs too dim:灯泡过于黯淡
broken light bulbs:灯泡破
“incorrect size, watt and style of bulbs used”:灯泡尺寸,瓦数,款式不对
“design finish, color of lamp and shade not according or SPEC(smoked,white,ect)”:”灯,灯罩的款式,表面处理及颜色SPEC不符(有烟熏或发白等)”
“design and color not consistence for all lamps of same style”:同一款式灯之间的设计及颜色不对
“floor lamps cannot stand vertically with leaning or falling over”:”落地灯站立不直,有倾斜或翻倒”
shade cannot fit bulb properly (loose):灯罩于灯泡不配(太松)
missing UL label on product:缺UL标
smoking from light bulb or other electrical areas:灯泡内或其它用电区域冒烟
assembled parts not secure:配件组装不牢固
glass not secured in shade:灯罩内玻璃固定不牢
sharp edges on shade:灯罩有锐边
stained glass pieces not neatly placed on shade:灯罩彩色玻璃排列不整齐
bulb holder:灯座
socket cover:灯头盖
socket cap:灯头帽
ceramic socket:陶瓷灯头
cluster stem:灯簇柱
goose neck:鹅颈
frosted glass:磨砂玻璃
frosted glass dome:磨砂玻璃圆顶
glass decoration:玻璃装饰
glass shield:玻璃罩
head joint:(灯与柱)的连杆
upper stem/pole:上柱
middle stem/pole:中柱
lower stem/pole:下柱
hardware pack:附件
candle sleeve:蜡烛套管
hurricane cup:飓风杯(蜡烛套下之小灯杯)
Lucite panel:塑料透明挂片
mirror panel:挂镜片
mounting hole:安装孔
mounting plate:安装板
plastic ring:塑料环
plastic support:塑料支架/架
power supply cord:电源线
protective glass:防护玻璃
protective ring:保护环
reflective panel:反光面
adjusting handle:调节手柄
back plate:背板
beveled glass edge:玻璃斜边
brass channeling:铜条
brass coupling:铜连接头
ceiling pan:吸顶盘
cord cover:护线盖
cross bar:一字板/十字板
curved tubing:旋转管(花饰)/弯管
dimmer switch:微调开关
electric phenolic:电木圈
relamping label:换灯标签
rolled edge:滚边
tightening knob:紧固旋纽
screw collar loop:螺纹套圈吊环
screw collar nut:螺纹环螺母
securing knob:固定旋纽
set screw:固定螺丝
green ground screw:接地绿螺丝
wire nut:接线螺帽
wood screw:木螺丝
spiral ball:麻花螺线球
rubber washer:胶垫片
steel washer:铁垫片
insulation pad:绝缘垫
ventilation slots:散惹槽
switch box:开关电线盒
wire connector:电线连接器
top plate:顶板
polarity test:极性测试
grounding test:接地测试
endurance test:耐力测试
assembly test:组装测试
Hi-pot test:高压测试

TV Set  –  电视机
infra-red sensor:红外线感应器
rod antenna:棒状天线
antenna mounting bracket:天线支架
prop up stand:可折叠支架
external antenna jack:外部天线插口
earphone jack:耳机插口
vertical hold control (V-hold):图象垂直调整
control door:面板门
band switch:波段开关
selector switch:选择开关
TV system switch:电视系统选择开关
channel NO. knob:频道纽
TV tuning knob:电视频道调节组
sleep knob:睡眠纽
mute knob:消音纽
brightness control knob:亮度控制纽
color control knob:颜色控制纽
contrast control knob:对比度控制纽
Auto-search knob:自动搜索纽
UHF tuning knob-UHF:超高频旋转纽
VHF tuning knob-VHF:特高频旋转纽
UHF channel indicator-VHF:超高频道指示表
VHF channel indicator-VHF:特高频道指示表
strain relief test failed:张拉力测试失败
smoke of fire during operation:运转时冒火烟
poor quality or peeling silkscreen/hotstamp:丝印/火印不良或引导剥落
knob control poor assembly:旋纽控制装配不良
AFC or manual tuning no function:自动频率控制或手工调谐无功能
horizontal/vertical linearity misalignment:水平线/垂直线定线不准
picture not center properly:图象集中不当
dead or dead on one channel:(某一频道)失灵
no picture/audio output/howling:无图象/音频输出/有振鸣
volume, tume&balance control intermittent, noisy, faulty:音量,音调和平衡控制功能间歇,有杂音,出错
misoperation of remote control:遥控器失灵
stereo channels reverse:立体声频道接反
clock/timer/sleep set no function:时钟/计时器/睡眠状态设置无功能
sound distortion , hum, buzz, rattle or vibration:声音失真,嗡鸣,咔哒生或颤音
speaker damaged/faulty caused sound distortion, hum, buzz, rattle or vibration:喇叭损坏或故障导致声音失真,嗡鸣,咔哒声或振鸣
speaker connection in wrong phase:喇叭接线相位不对
LED/LCD display with segment missing, excessive or uneven segment:LED/LCD显示屏缺划,多划或划不均
piture/brighteness&contras no function or int:图象/亮度和对比度无功能或功能间歇
TV/CATV selection no function:电视/有线电视选择无功能
external aerials, DC adaptor or other accessories inoperative/intermittent:外接天线,直流转接器或其它附件无功能/功能间歇
damaged/cracked PCB&CRT:印刷电路&阴极射线管损/裂
poor soldering, dry joint, components bridging:焊接/干接/组件搭接不良
sensitivity out of limit(audio/vidio):音频/视频灵敏度超限
mute recall no function:弱音器/重叫记忆无功能
radio signal unstable:无线电接收信号不稳定
frequency drift/off alignment:频率飘移/不准
snow noise on picture >59Db:图象有雪花噪声干扰(高于59分贝)
screen not stable:图象不稳定
auto power no function:自动电源无功能
out of focus or focus poor alignment:焦点未对准
channel off alignment:频道偏差

Audio products-CD/Radio/Cassette Player – 音频产品/唱碟机/收音机/盒式录放机    

FM/AM/SM oscillation:接收不稳定
no station received:接收不到电台
off calibration:接收偏离刻度
no sound:无声
FM stereo no separation:立体声无分离
L/R channels reversed:左/右声道接反
low output:输出弱
dial pointer stop:指针停
pointer jump:指针跳动
poor sensitivity:灵敏度差
poor wow&flutter:抖摆率差
no tape protective:无磁带保险
eat tape:吃带
play distortion:唱带失真
playing delay:放音延迟
tape play fast:放音快
tape play slow:放音慢
tuning wobble, rubbing, noisy, slipping, malfunction:调谐不稳定,有磨擦,有噪音,滑动,功能失调
display lens missing and/or windows misalignment:缺显示镜或显示窗未对齐
cabinet screw loose, stripped, missing ,rusted:外壳螺丝松动,螺丝齿有损,缺螺丝,螺丝
gap between mating parts, balancing of twin cassette doors>0.8mm:配件间有缝隙,盒式磁带双门平衡差大于0.8mm
flywheel mechanical noise, malfunction:飞轮机械有噪音,有故障
parts missing, loose parts/foreign body inside:缺部件,部件松,内有异物
transformer mum/buzz noise:变压器(火牛)有噪音
CD/cassette door and/or flaps, hinges damaged inoperative, broken:唱碟/盒式磁带门盖,合页破损/不起作用
mains cable damaged 2nd insulation layer and/or conductors exposed:电源线破损,第二绝缘层和/或导体/导线外露
mains cable in wrong color indication:电源线颜色指示错
sub-standard mains cable (failed to required safety standard):电源线(次)不符合标准
connecting wire pinched between mating part:配件间接线受损
discolor case:外壳褪色
molded marks, sink marks, flow line on cabinet:外壳有浇铸痕,缩痕,流水痕
unit burnt smoke comes out:产品冒烟
operation malfunction, intermittent or shock noise with or without tapping the UN:功能故障/间歇故障(轻敲产品)时有噪声
connecting jacks&plugs intermittent when moving the wire:移动导线时插头和插口接触不良
volume, equalizer&banlance control intermittent, noisy, faulty:音量/均衡器&平衡控制功能有间歇/有噪音/出错
stereo channels reversed:立体声频道接反
sound distortion ,hum, buzz, rattle or vibration:声音失真,颤音,嗡鸣,咔哒声
speaker damaged /faulty caused sound distortion, hum, buzz, rattle or vibration:扬声器有损/故障导致声音失真,颤音,嗡鸣,咔哒声
speaker connection in wrong phase:喇叭接线相位出错
buzz noise from poor wiring, loose plastic parts, loose battery spring:接线不良,塑料配件松动,电池弹片松动导致嗡嗡声
indicator light inoperative, dimmed, wrong color:指示灯不起作用
LED/LCD display with segment missing, excess, or uneven segment:LED/LCD显示缺划,多划或划不均
LCD display with obvious rainbow marks:LCD显示屏有明显的彩虹印
earphone,headphone external speaker inoperative/intermittent:耳机,头戴耳机无功能或间歇
external aerials, DC adaptor or other accessories inoperative/intermittent:外接天线,直流转接器,或其它附件无功能或功能间歇
damaged/cracked PCB:印刷电路板损/坏
poor wire dressing causing function problem:电线外包皮不良导致功能问题
poor solding, dry joint, components bridging:焊接,干接,组件连接不良
weak radio reception:无线电台接收弱
radio signal unstable:无线电台信号不稳定
frequency drift/off alignment:频率飘移/不能对准
tape record/playback distortion, weak:磁带录音/重放失真,声弱
tape chewed, jammed inside deck mechanism:卡座内发生绞带/卡带
carton materials too flimsy to be  suitable for transportation:纸箱材质太差不适合运输
unit without polybag:产品未套胶袋
polyfoam endcap broken bur passed drop test:保丽龙端盖破但试摔通过
sensor position:遥控
balance control:左右平衡控制
tone control:音量控制
treble control:高音控制
bass control:低音控制
stereo jack:立体声控制
dial lens:刻度透镜
dial pointer:波段指示针
dial pointer belt:指示针带
FM stereo indicator:调频立体声指示灯
speaker box:喇叭盒
speaker grill:喇叭网
left channel:左声道
right channel:右声道
function selector:功能选择纽
tuning knob:转动选台纽
EQ knob:均衡纽
Hi-speed switch:高速纽
fast forward button:快进纽
record button:录音纽
play button:放音纽
pause button:暂停纽
stop/eject button:停/出带纽
search and skip backward button:向后搜索及跳跃纽
search and skip forward button:向前搜索及跳跃纽
volume knob:音量纽
volume down knob:音量降低纽
volume up button:音量升高纽
cassette knob:卡座纽
deck door A:A门卡座
deck door B:B门卡座
deck door lens:卡座门镜
battery spring:电池弹簧
connecting tab:联结扣
deck mechanism:机芯
head phone:头戴耳机
CD door:唱碟门
CD open/close button:唱碟开/关纽
CD play/pause button:唱碟放音/暂停纽
CD program button:唱碟程序纽
CD repeat button:唱碟重复纽
CD stop button:唱碟停止纽
rotate switch:旋转开关
power switch:电源开关

flashlight – 手电筒
light bulb dead:灯泡不亮
foreign metal particles inside unit:手电筒内有金属粒子
foreign plastic particles inside unit:手电筒内有塑胶粒子

Rena ware compact air cleaner – 空气过滤器
loose switches/control panel(poor assembly):开关/控制面板松动(组装不良)
gap between two halves of the housing:机架两半之间有缝隙
function indicators damaged:功能指示器损坏
incorrect color of functional indicator:功能指示器颜色不正常
unit rock or wobble when sitting on a level surface:置于水平平面上晃动不稳
power cord is united or irregularly tied:电源线未接上或接的不规则
missing rating plate/label:缺等级牌/标签
missing S/N label:缺序列号
missing filters:缺过滤器
missing safety marks (such as UL. EMC or CE)on product:缺产品安全标志(如:UL, EMC, CE)
poor tampo-printing on control panel:控制面板上字体印刷不良
brand logo or key instructions off position:标识或功能键指示功能移位
filter poorly sealed:过滤器密封不良
papers in H.E.P.A filter broken or poorly glued:H.E.P.A过滤器内纸破裂或粘贴不良
key jammed/stuck:按键卡住
plug pins rusted/oxidized:插头生锈/已氧化
something inside:内有异物
installation screws too loose:安装螺丝太松
keys too tight when pressing:按键太紧
incorrect brand name/model of motor:马达品牌/型号不对
rubber feet loosed out:象胶支脚松掉
incorrect style of supply cord:电线型号不正确
internal connection wires disheveled:内部连限混乱
smoking from the inside of the product:产品内冒烟
strain relief can not bear a force of 15 LBS for 3 minutes:张力不足以承受3分钟15磅
overheating after running for hours:数小时运行后机体过热
no ionizer function:无电离功能
fan can not rotate:风扇不转
fan speed key malfunction:风扇调速键故障
difficult to assemble/reassemble:装配/重装困难
ionizer voltage measured does not meet the minimum voltage:电离电压不及最小电压值
incorrect polarity:极性错误
abnormal noise:异常噪声
reliability test failed:可靠性测试失败
fan speed measured exceed  the specified range:风扇速度测试超过规定速度
air load exceed the specified range:空气负载超过规定范围
function indicators have no function:功能指示器无功能
fuse no function:保险丝无功能
master carton poorly tape-sealed:卡通箱捆绑不良

electric toothbrush – 电动牙刷

dielectric strength test failed:介电/绝缘强度测试失败
overheating (enclosure melted):热度过高(外壳熔化)
enclosure or parts broken or cracked:外壳/附件破裂/破碎
foreign particle inside the enclosure:外壳内有异物
significant noise:噪音过大
component loosen out during operation:操作中部件松脱
pushbutton switch or unit function intermittent:按钮开关或产品功能间歇
button/switch stuck close:按钮/开关卡住
missing UL listing mark or European approval agency mark:缺UL标志或欧洲认可的代理机构的标志
hard to assembly on brush head (too loose):牙刷头难以安装
poor assembly on brush head (too loose):牙刷头装配不良
poor alignment on brush head (uneven clearance):刷头上(刷毛)排列不匀
brush head movement too fast or too slow:刷头转速过快/过慢
wrong component is used:用錯部件
rust on battery contact insert literature:电池/充电器通电点生锈
battery charger no function:电池无功能
hard to assembly or disassemble the battery:电池拆装困难
omission of , insufficient , incorrect , separately packed component or accessories:单独包装的部件/附件缺,数量不足或装错
enclosure not secured in place or with excessive gaps:外壳未固定到位,间隙过大
color mismatch or inconsistence:颜色配错/颜色不一致

IRON – 电熨斗
damaged power supply cord:电源线受损
live wire exposed:火线外露
short circuited (external fuses burnt out):产品短路(外保险丝烧毁)
failure of thermo cut off:自动调温器不能断电
switch intermittent:开关间歇
thermostat malfunction:自动调温器故障
current or voltage out of specification:电流,电压超出规定
foreign metal particles inside the unit(EG solder):产品内有金属颗粒
component loosen out during operation:操作过程中部件松脱
foreign plastic particles inside the unit:产品内有塑料颗粒
wrong component used:部件用错

loose name plate, logo badges,function inlays etc.:商标,标牌,功能指使松脱
excessive gap between cabinets(>0.8mm):外壳空隙过大
knobs missing ,wrong type ,wrong color ,loosened off during operation:缺旋钮/旋钮型号不对/颜色不对/操作中松脱
knobs wobble , rubbing , poor alignment, fitted in wrong way:旋钮摇晃不稳/有磨擦/排列不齐/排列方式不对
display lens missing and/or windows misalignment:缺失显示屏/显示屏窗口未对准
cabinet screw stripped:外壳螺钉缺螺纹
connecting wire pinched between mating part:配件间接线受挤压
ringer Hi/Lo/Off no function:响铃无 高/低/关 切换功能
long distance ringer no function:远距离响铃无功能
ringer distortion:响铃失真
ringer weak:响铃弱
sound poor reception:声音接收不良
sound poor transmission:声音传送不良
no dial tone sound:无拨号音
pulse dialing no function:脉冲拨号无功能
redial no function:重拨无功能
handfree no function:免提无功能
memory no function:记忆无功能
flash no function:闪断无功能
mute no function:弱音器无功能
speaker phone no function:扬声器电话无功能
memory setting no function:记忆设置无功能
clock/timer set no function:闹钟/计时器设置无功能
handset test out of limit:听筒测试超出限制
hold no music:保持(不挂机无音乐)
operation malfunction, intermittent or shock noise with/without tapping the unit:功能/功能间歇(轻敲产品时有噪音
connecting jacks&plugs intermittent when moving the wire:移动电线时接线端子和接线塞子接触不良
speaker sound distortion , hum, buzz, rattle, or vibration:扬声器(话筒声音失真/有蜂鸣/咔嗒声/咯咯声/有颤音
power consumption & operating voltage out of limit:功率消耗/工作电压超限
buzz noise from poor wiring, loose plastic parts , loose battery spring:接线不良/塑料零件松脱/电池弹片松脱 造成电话有蜂鸣
indicator light inoperative, dimmed, wrong color:指示灯不亮/光线暗淡/颜色错误
LED/LCD display with segment missing, excessive or uneven segment:LED/LCD显示缺划/多划/划不均
earphone , headphone, external speaker inopearative/function intermittent:耳机/头戴耳机扬声器无功能,功能间歇
poor wire dressing causing functional problem:电线外包皮包裹不良导致功能问题
poor soldering, dry joint , components bridging:焊接/干接/桥接不良
sensitivity out of limit:灵敏度超限
keys/buttons stuck:按键/按钮卡住
polyfoam endcap broken but pass drop test:泡沫塑料端盖破裂但通过试摔
wall mounting hole:墙安装孔
storeage compartment:储物箱
desk lid:平台盖
ornament ball:装饰球
ornament bell:装饰铃
telephone line cord:电话线
line cord jack:电话线插口
handset cord:听筒线
handset cord jack:听筒线插口
handset cradle:听筒架
tone dialing:音频拨号
pulse dialing:脉冲拨号
dial board:拨号盘
dial mode knob:拨号方式键
ring control knob:响铃控制键
receiver volume knob:受话音量控制钮
dial buttons:拨号钮
flash knob:flash键
handfree knob:免提键
redial key:重拨键
reset key:复位键

hair dryer – 吹风机
cool safety tip:安全冷端
heat section:加热部位
heatproof rim:隔热圈
hi/off/low switch:高/关/低 开关
lower cabinet:下壳
top cabinet:上壳
plug foot:插脚
power cord:电源线
air concentrator:吹风头
air intake grille:进气网
air supply opening:进气口
reset button:复位键
thermostat malfunction:自动调温器故障
foreign (metal/plastic) particles inside unit (E.G. solder):内有金属/塑料异物(如焊料)
component loosed out during operation:使用中部件松落
damaged power supply cord:电源线坏
live wire exposed and accessible:火线外露可触
short-circuited (external fuses burn out):短路(保险丝烧坏)
switch intermittent:开关间歇
current or wattage out of specification:电流或瓦特数不合要求

General – 电子通用
extra segment:多划
missing segment:少划
display abnormal:显示不正常
display flash:数字闪
function key:功能键
number key:数字键

Clock watch – 钟表
accuracy test:精确度测试
back casing:表壳背面
front casing:表壳正面
belt buckle:表带扣
belt lining:表带内衬
clock mechanism:机芯
dial cover:刻度盘盖
hour hand:时针
minute hand:分针
second hand:秒针
time adjustable knob:时间调节钮
alarm activate earlier:闹钟提前
alarm delay:闹钟延迟
clock hands misalignment:指针误差
hands collide:指针碰撞
pendulum swung slowly:钟摆摆慢
knob  missing:按钮缺失
knob loosened off during operation:操作过程中,旋钮松落
knob wobble /rubbing/ poor alignment /fitted wrong way:旋钮摇晃/有磨擦/未成一直线/装错
data cord:数据线
disk protective clip:磁碟保护金属片
left button:左键
right button:右键
middle button:中键
pc/ms button:pc/ms 钮

Camera – 相机
view finder:取景器
lens definition:镜头清晰度
mechanical shutter:快门
film counter:胶卷计数器
flash lamp:闪光灯
winder mechanism:卷带装置
charging indicator:充电指示灯
neck strap:领带


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--显示表结构sql语句SQL Server 2000----------------------1

表名=case when a.colorder=1 then else '' end,
表说明=case when a.colorder=1 then isnull(f.value,'') else '' end,
标识=case when COLUMNPROPERTY(,,'IsIdentity')=1 then '√'else '' end,
主键=case when exists(SELECT 1 FROM sysobjects where xtype='PK' and name in (
SELECT name FROM sysindexes WHERE indid in(
SELECT indid FROM sysindexkeys WHERE id = AND colid=a.colid
))) then '√' else '' end,
允许空=case when a.isnullable=1 then '√'else '' end,
FROM syscolumns a
left join systypes b on a.xusertype=b.xusertype
inner join sysobjects d on and d.xtype='U' and<>'dtproperties'
left join syscomments e on
left join sysproperties g on and a.colid=g.smallid
left join sysproperties f on and f.smallid=0
--where'要查询的表' --如果只查询指定表,加上此条件
order by,a.colorder

--SQL Server 2000----------------------2         

          (case when a.colorder=1 then else '' end)表名,
          a.colorder 字段序号,
          (case when COLUMNPROPERTY(,,'IsIdentity')=1 then '√'else '' end)
          (case when (SELECT count(*)
          FROM sysobjects
          WHERE (name in
                    (SELECT name
                   FROM sysindexes
                   WHERE (id = AND (indid in
                             (SELECT indid
                            FROM sysindexkeys
                            WHERE (id = AND (colid in
                                      (SELECT colid
                                     FROM syscolumns
                                     WHERE (id = AND (name = AND
                 (xtype = 'PK'))>0 then '√' else '' end) 主键,
          a.length 占用字节数,
          COLUMNPROPERTY(,,'PRECISION') as 长度,
          isnull(COLUMNPROPERTY(,,'Scale'),0) as 小数位数,
          (case when a.isnullable=1 then '√'else '' end) 允许空,
          isnull(e.text,'') 默认值,
          isnull(g.[value],'') AS 字段说明
FROM     syscolumns     a left join systypes b
on     a.xtype=b.xusertype
inner join sysobjects d
on     and     d.xtype='U' and     .name<>'dtproperties'
left join syscomments e
left join sysproperties g
on AND a.colid = g.smallid
order by,a.colorder

SQL Server 2005--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

         (case when a.colorder=1 then else '' end)表名,
         a.colorder 字段序号, 字段名,
         (case when COLUMNPROPERTY(,,'IsIdentity')=1 then '√'else '' end) 标识,
         (case when (SELECT count(*)
         FROM sysobjects
         WHERE (name in
                   (SELECT name
                  FROM sysindexes
                  WHERE (id = AND (indid in
                            (SELECT indid
                             FROM sysindexkeys
                           WHERE (id = AND (colid in
                                     (SELECT colid
                                    FROM syscolumns
                                    WHERE (id = AND (name = AND
                (xtype = 'PK'))>0 then '√' else '' end) 主键, 类型,
         a.length 占用字节数,
         isnull(COLUMNPROPERTY(,,'Scale'),0) as 小数位数,
         (case when a.isnullable=1 then '√'else '' end) 允许空,
         isnull(e.text,'') 默认值,
         isnull(g.[value],'') AS 字段说明
FROM    syscolumns    a left join systypes b
on    a.xtype=b.xusertype
inner join sysobjects d
on    and    d.xtype='U' and<>'dtproperties'
left join syscomments e
left join sys.extended_properties g --2005相应的修改
on AND a.colid = g.major_id --2005相应的修改
order by,a.colorder


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     道理同12条介绍的一样,因为这个链接所指向的页面或文件很可能是病毒、密码、钓鱼网站、SNS类网站 等通过您IM内的好友向您发送的,其中很可能含有病毒、木马,请在点击前一定要问清楚发送人是否是他主动发送的。

名词解释:IE            全称 Internet Explorer。
             IM            全称 Instant messaging 即时信息。
             钓鱼网站    通常是指伪装成银行及电子商务等网站,主要危害是窃取用户提交的银行帐号、密码等私密信息。
             SNS         全称 Social Networking Services,即社会性网络服务,专指旨在帮助人们建立社会性网络的互联网应用服务。
             恶意程序    通常是指带有攻击意图所编写的一段程序,其主要包括:陷门、逻辑炸弹、特洛伊木马、蠕虫、细菌、病毒等等。