Bridal Beauty Tips for your Wedding Day

by Andy

Every bride wants to look her very best on her day, and it is never too soon to start planning your bridal beauty for your day. I have put together a 6 month beauty routine to have you looking your sparkling best on your big day.

6 Months To Go

Take a long critical look at yourself in the mirror and if you feel you could loose a few pounds, now is the time to start. Decide on the most suitable plan according to your daily schedule, whether it be simply cutting down on between snacks or a rigorous routine of diet and exercise. A healthy balanced diet is important not only for the body beautiful but will also benefit your skin, hair and nails.

Having set the date you will be ready to choose your wedding dress and deciding on the style most flattering to you is very important. Do not be over-influenced by the latest fashions; what looks great on a model in a glossy magazine could end up making you look like an over dressed. Whether you decide to buy, hire or have your dress specially made, seek expert advice of the person you approach who will have a great deal of experience, in dressing brides, and take along a good friend who is not going to tell you what they think you want to hear, but be kindly critical.

Pamper yourself, now is also the time to consult a beautician who will be able to advise and help you with a beauty regime to have your skin, hair and hands looking their best on the big day, Beautiful nails and shining hair do not appear overnight.

3 Months To Go

Now you have your dress it is time to carefully consider your hairstyle to suit your chosen headdress. Consult with your hairdresser if you are not sure on what would be most suitable and take your headdress along to the salon for a trial run. This will give you plenty of time to revamp your hairstyle if necessary.

1 Month To Go

If you are not sure what shades or type of make up will best suit your total look, consult again with your beautician, telling her details of color, style of dress etc. She may be able to come to your home where you can have a full dress-rehearsal, discuss ideas and try various ways of making up your face. There is nothing like the luxury of sitting back and having your face made up for you.

2 Weeks To Go

Have a dress rehearsal, especially if you decide 6 months ago that you could get into a size smaller by dieting! Any necessary alterations can then be made in plenty of time and if you did not have your shoes when you chose your dress, try them now to make sure the length is right. Visit the dentist for a session with the hygienist for a lovely bright smile.

1 Week To Go

Confirm all your wedding arrangements with telephone call to the services you have booked- and relax! Have a manicure and a leg wax. This will last right through your honeymoon and give you lovely smooth legs, especially if you are going somewhere hot and sunny.

If you are having a hen night plan it for a few days before your wedding when you can really let your hair down and still have time to be refreshed and relaxed for the big day. The night before lay out your clothes, shoes etc and give everything a last minute check. Relax in a hot bath with lots of sweet smelling salts. Have an early night!

Wow – Your Big Day

You won’t have any problem waking in time! Have some breakfast and leave plenty of time to dress, make up, and do your hair. Of if you have organized yourself everything will go smoothly without any last minute panics, and you will have plenty of assistance form mother and your attendants. A final check in the full length mirror as your car arrives – you look stunning for your wedding day. Go Get Wed!

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